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Virtual Consultations for Highly Sensitive Social Workers

I provide consultations for Sensitive Social Workers in the following areas:

  • Deepening your understanding of your sensitivity, both strengths and challenges, and how this is impacting your current work 

  • Concrete strategies to cope with and reduce overstimulation /overwhelm

  • Making boundaries with clients, colleagues and employers

  • Burnout recovery and prevention 

  • Reviewing your values and reconnecting to your passion for Social Work

  • Support with career shifts and changes, including switching roles or considerations for starting a private practice 

What to expect:

Consultation sessions are 50 minutes long and take place over zoom or phone, your choice.Each session will be focused on your particular goals and will be both supportive and productive. After each session you will be emailed an action plan and key take-aways! 


Each session is $225 CAD and payment will be collected at the time of booking.

Together, we'll determine how many sessions are required to meet your needs and coaching goals.

Reach out to start the process!

You'll be sent a consultation inquiry form to fill out and have the opportunity to book a free 15-minute clarity call so that we can get really clear on what you are looking for and what I can offer you before your consultation appointment. 

To get started, fill out the inquiry form below: 

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