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Self-Directed Virtual Courses

Online Learning for Sensitive Social Worker
Wellness & Burnout Prevention

Boundaries for
Burnout Prevention

Essential Skills for Highly Sensitive Social Workers

Go from feeling emotionally drained and overwhelmed in your career as a Social Worker to feeling confident in your ability to set the boundaries you need in order to honour your sensitivity and maintain your overall well-being.

Doors are now open!


Social Worker Refresh 
A Wellness Series to Guide You from Overwhelmed to Rejuvenated (in only 15 minutes a day)

Join me for 14 days of turning inward for mindful soul work. In this self-directed series of journal prompts, movement practices, art exercises, and guided meditations, you'll practice offering yourself the same compassion and empathy you give to others.

Managing Difficult
Emotions in the Workplace
A Mini-Course for Highly Sensitive
Professionals,Helpers, &

In this affordable and time-efficient course, I give you the skills you need to feel confident when responding to the emotions that arise during challenging workplace situations.


If you're looking for more personalized & individual support... 
my 1:1 coaching packages might be a great fit for you
We'll create an action plan catered to your unique needs & specific workplace.
Complete the Application Form below to get started! 

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