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for Burnout Prevention

Essential Skills for Highly Sensitive Social Workers

Go from feeling emotionally drained and overwhelmed in your career as a Social Worker to feeling confident in your ability to set the boundaries you need in order to honour your sensitivity and maintain your overall well-being.

2024 enrolment is now open!

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your mood and emotional state are dependent on the progress of your clients; if they’re struggling, you’re struggling; if they’re stuck, you feel stuck

  • You respond to every request with a sense of urgency

  • You avoid taking days off, calling in sick, or taking mental health days because of intense feelings of guilt 

  • You make decisions regarding your schedule based on what others ask of you rather than how much energy you have within a day 

  • You feel like a sponge soaking up everyone else's feelings all-day

  • You don’t feel comfortable saying “no” to your boss or your clients, so you’re often overcommitting, overloaded, overwhelmed, and overworked

And this is leaving you feeling exhausted, frustrated, and depleted.

You might even be wondering if Social Work is really for you as you become more and more disenchanted with the work. Perhaps you’re wondering if you’re simply

“too sensitive” to be a Social Worker.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Developing steadfast emotional and energetic boundaries that honour your sensitivity at work might just be the difference between burning out completely and a long, sustainable career as a healthy & happy Social Worker. 


I've been where you are...

I jumped into my Master of Social Work program when I was only 23 years old. At that time in my life, I didn’t know that I was a Highly Sensitive Person and was deeply entrenched in codependent relationship patterns.

Not knowing any better, I related to my work and my clients the same way I did my personal relationships. I absorbed my clients’ and coworkers’ emotions as if they were my own and took it on as my responsibility to fix any problems they had.

I had never learned how to directly say “no,” so I agreed to everything my boss asked of me and took on more than I could handle. This was way too much for my highly sensitive nervous system, and I often felt anxious, agitated, and overwhelmed.

It only took 9 months for me to burnout in my first Social Work role.

Fast forward 10 years later, and I’ve discovered that healthy emotional and energetic boundaries at work set me free to lean into my sensitive strengths and do work I feel immensely proud of.

Now I move through my days feeling grounded and centered and end each day with energy left to pour into myself and my relationships with my loved ones because…


  • I’m able to separate myself from emotions & energy that are not mine to carry, and I have practices in place to release these emotions when I do pick them up.  


  • I pace myself throughout the day; I let calls go to voicemail, I have specific times I check emails, and I trust my clinical judgment when prioritizing my tasks for the day.

  • I take sick days when I’m sick, mental health days when I notice signs of burnout, and vacation days to reset and enjoy my favourite activities. 

  • I’ve created a schedule that takes into account time for processing and nervous system regulation; I only see 4 clients a day, I take  30-minute breaks between each client, I always take my lunch breaks, and end work at my scheduled time. 


  • I pay careful attention to my workload and say “no” to additional tasks when I’m at capacity.


I love what I do, and I also love myself enough to protect my time, energy, and well-being.


Burnout is still prevalent in the field of Social Work. Over the years I’ve had countless Social Workers reach out to me asking how they can prevent burnout and stay well, when Social Work is just so dang overwhelming & emotionally draining!

And that’s exactly why I created this course. 


For the past 3 years, my focus has been on supporting fellow helpers, healers and Highly Sensitive People who struggle with codependency, people-pleasing, perfectionism and burnout to expand their sense of self-worth, implement healthy boundaries, and reconnect with their own power

I’ve taken my...

  • personal experience as a sensitive Social Worker

  • training in compassion fatigue and burnout prevention

  • years of experience supporting deep-feeling helpers and healer

... and created an in-depth, yet concise, course packed with everything you need to know about setting & maintaining boundaries to prevent burnout as a Sensitive Social Worker.

I created this affordable, time-efficient and easily-digestible course to empower Highly Sensitive Social Workers to confidently set the boundaries that honour their sensitivity and validate their self-worth so that they can feel fulfilled, balanced, nourished, and grounded. 


If this is resonating with you, you’re exactly who I created this program for!


Boundaries for Burnout Prevention

Essential Skills for Highly Sensitive Social Workers

In this deep-dive program, you’ll go from feeling emotionally drained and overwhelmed in your career as a Social Worker to feeling confident in your ability to set the boundaries that you need to honour your sensitivity and feel healthy and well.


Inside Boundaries for Burnout Prevention, you'll…

  • Do a deep dive into your beliefs about boundaries and unpack how boundaries are related to self-worth, social work culture, and high sensitivity.


  • Deepen your understanding of what gets in your way when setting healthy boundaries and how to overcome these barriers. 


  • Expand your skill set in establishing emotional and energetic boundaries in your day-to-day life. 


  • Determine the schedule that allows you to lean into your sensitive strengths and do your very best work for your clients.


  • Learn how to communicate your boundaries with your clients, colleagues, and employer (in a way that is both direct and kind).


  • Develop practices for coping with the guilt, shame, fear, and frustration that can arise when setting new boundaries.

  • Have a safe community of fellow HSPs where you can test out new ideas, ask questions, share vulnerably, and get feedback.

Here's how we'll build your confidence
in boundary setting at work:

You’ll move through 6 self-paced modules,

each focusing on a particular aspect of boundary setting at work. 

Within each module, you’ll receive:

And the best part?
You won't be on this journey alone.


Community Support

Throughout this series, you'll have access to a private Facebook group just for course participants. Share your reflections, connect with like-minded Social Workers, and receive direct support from your guide, Amy!



From Amy

Those who sign up by

April 8th 2024, will be invited to participate in a group coaching session with Amy to kick-start the program, as well as a live Q&A session mid-way through the program to help you trouble-shoot any boundary-setting challenges you encounter.  


Guest Expert Workshops

Learn from experienced Social Workers & Boundary Experts, including the highly skilled Play Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, and Trainer, Sarah Scott Dooling of Heal With Play, who shares her knowledge and expertise on Cultivating Safety in the Play Room


Meet Your Guide

Hi! I’m Amy Pinnell, and I'll be your guide through this series. I’m a Registered Social Worker and a Clinical Therapist in Nova Scotia, Canada.


I'm also a Highly Sensitive Person who's passionate about helping fellow sensitive Social Workers embrace and honour their sensitivity so they can thrive.


In just two years of sharing my message on Instagram (@sensitivesocialworker), it has resonated with 24,000+ followers and led to meaningful connections with 1000s of sensitive Social Workers.


I believe that you can be both empathetic and have boundaries. In fact, boundaries lessen feelings of resentment and increase our sense of compassion for others.

Here’s what other Sensitive Social Workers are saying: 


Take a sneak peek inside the course… 

Kick-Off Call: You'll be invited to a live group coaching call with Amy to solidify your boundary-setting goals and set you up for success in the program. 

Module 1: Understanding Where Your Boundaries Are Now 

We’ll explore burnout and how it relates to Social Work ethics and boundaries before diving into what happens when we don’t have healthy boundaries. We’ll take a deep dive into your personal relationship with boundaries and assess where you’re starting off as you begin the course.

Module 2: Overcoming Barriers to Healthy Boundaries at Work 

We’ll explore the most common barriers to setting healthy boundaries, including guilt, fear, overidentifying with others’ emotions, low self-worth, and social work culture, and which are relevant to you.

Module 3: Developing Emotional Boundaries 

You’ll learn how to identify where you need to set emotional boundaries and build up your skills for doing this at work. Don’t worry; I’ll give you lots of tools to help you practice this!

Q&A Session: Amy will go live in the BBP Private Facebook group to offer you support and answer all your boundary-related questions!

Module 4: Developing Energetic and Time Boundaries 

We’ll explore the importance of energetic boundaries for highly sensitive nervous systems and how you can work WITH your sensitivity, rather than against it. We’ll take some time to establish your ideal work schedule and what you need to stay grounded throughout your workday.

Module 5: Skills for Communicating Boundaries with Others

We’ll dive into the nuances of how to effectively express your boundaries with clients, coworkers, and bosses. You’ll leave this module with boundary setting scripts and concrete tools for communicating boundaries in various situations.

Module 6: Skills for Maintaining Boundaries

You’ll develop skills for maintaining boundaries when they're challenged or disrespected, including knowing when it’s time to leave a toxic workplace. You’ll create an action plan for how you’ll apply everything you’ve learned in your day-to-day life.


On the fence about joining?

This series is backed by a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

I'm confident you'll feel supported and delighted by Boundaries for Burnout Prevention. But, if after a week inside the program, you're not satisfied, I'll gladly refund your purchase.


And in case you're wondering…

Can this course be counted as continuing education?

This course has not been specifically approved by any Social Work governing body but may still qualify for continuing education credits depending on your province, state, or country’s college/association/licensing board regulations.

Be sure to review your college’s, association’s, or licensing board’s requirements regarding distance learning/home study CE courses if you want to use this course for CE credits. Each state licensing board’s CE requirements differ.


A list of Canadian Professional Development policies can be found here

Life's busy right now. What's the weekly time investment?

To get the most out for this course, I recommend dedicating 1-2 hours a week to this course. Establishing healthier boundaries will require you putting in the time to do the work! Gift yourself the time to dive in. You’re 100% worth it :) 

How long will I have access to the material?

You'll have unlimited access to the material! After moving through it together with Amy, you’ll be able to return and review content at any time. 

Will Amy be available and accessible to answer questions if I get stuck?

Yes, Amy will be available on the live Q&A call in the private Facebook group that is scheduled mid-way through the course. You can post any other questions you have in the Facebook group and Amy or a team member will respond. 

Do I have to be highly sensitive to participate in this course? 

All of the content in this course was created with those who are highly sensitive in mind. Although you'll benefit from much of the material, some will not be relevant if you’re not a highly sensitive person. 

Do I have to be a Social Worker? What if I’m still a student or unlicensed?

This course was created specifically for those in the field of Social Work. This absolutely includes Social Work students, and recent graduates who are not licensed or registered yet. If you’re new to the field of Social Work, this course will help set you up for a successful and sustainable career.  

I’ve gotten overwhelmed by courses in the past, how will I know this is right for me?

I get it! As an HSP myself, diving into a new program with a ton of content can be overwhelming. That’s why I’ve designed this program to be easily digestible with bite-sized lessons in each module. My goal in the program is to take complex concepts and simplify them for you! 


This course is self-paced, so you can access the material when and where works best for you and your learning.

Who isn't a good fit for this series?


I designed this series for folks who are open and willing to cultivate new boundary-setting practices and shift their relationship with their work but who currently struggle with this.

So, Boundaries for Burnout Prevention might not be right for you if:

  • you're primarily interested in learning how to “toughen up” and push through any exhaustion or dissatisfaction you feel

  • you hear about boundaries and simply think “easier said than done” and aren’t interested in putting in the work to unpack this belief

  • you’ve already established clear emotional and energetic boundaries that honour your needs and allow you to do this work without feeling drained or resentful

If, however, you:

  • are passionate, hard-working, and tired of running on empty

  • are a highly sensitive person struggling with overstimulation related to your job as a Social Worker and are looking for ways to reduce feelings of overwhelm and regulate your nervous system

  • are noticing the early signs of Social Work burnout and want to nip it in the bud before you're completely drained and overwhelmed

  • know the benefits of caring for yourself but are looking for accountability and encouragement to turn inward and develop some new skills

  • are ready to commit to 12 weeks of self-exploration and boundary development, so you can show up for your clients with empathy and compassion

…then I'd be delighted to welcome you inside Boundaries for Burnout Prevention!

What if I join, and it turns out this isn't right for me?

I'm confident you'll feel supported and delighted by the Boundaries for Burnout Prevention. But, if after a week inside the program, you're not satisfied, I'll gladly refund your purchase.


OK, you've convinced me. I'm ready to get started!

I'm so glad to welcome you inside! You can join us right here.

Get the missing ingredient for a 
sustainable Social Work practice.

I know how hard it was to figure this out on my own, so I wanted to make this course as accessible as possible for you!

Investment: $475

  • Pre-recorded lessons full of Amy’s insights and lessons

  • Audio recordings of meditations and visualizations to help you embody what you’re learning

  • Workbook to facilitate deeper learning & integration of the material 

  • Access to a private Facebook Group

  • BONUS: Receive live Group Coaching from Amy in a Kick-Off Zoom Call to set you up for success in the program 

  • BONUS: Participate in a live Q&A session with Amy

  • BONUS: Guest Expert Workshops from experienced Social Workers & boundary experts. 

Considering I charge $225 for my 1:1 consultation services, you'll be getting 12 weeks packed full of insight, resources, and support for a fraction of the price. 


Burnout is not a requirement of this profession. You deserve boundaries, a reasonable workload, rest, and care as much as anyone else.

Let me help you get there…

I can't wait to welcome you in!

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