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It looks like, you have porous boundaries at work!

Porous Boundaries are essentially unclear, poorly expressed, or poorly maintained boundaries. I often think of porous boundaries as swiss cheese or a fish net, that lets other people’s energies, emotions, needs, requests, and expectations influence you without limitations. 

While this attentiveness to other people’s needs means you can easily connect with others, it comes at the cost of your own safety and well-being. You ignore or abandon our own needs and feelings which can lead to overwhelm and burnout.  


Porous boundaries at work may result in

  • Saying yes to extra tasks, activities or favours when you really want to say “no” or don't have the capacity to take any more on. 

  • Twisting yourself into a pretzel so that you don't "rock the boat" or disappoint anyone. 

  • Feeling responsible for the emotions of your clients, colleagues, and employer. 

  • Bringing thoughts and worries about work home with you, so that it's hard to feel present in your personal life. 

  • Working unpaid overtime, arriving early, staying late, skipping lunch, working when you’re sick, and/or not taking paid vacation time. 

Check out the mini-training below for my tips on how to work through this!

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