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Sensitive Social Worker Holiday Gift Guide

This heartwarming holiday gift guide was created with tender-hearted, deep-feeling Social Workers in mind! By the end of this blog post, you'll leave with nine extra special gift ideas for that Sensitive Social Worker in your life (or the perfect wish list to send to those who might be buying for you).

Christmas gift being held by feminine hands

**Please note that this page includes affiliate links.**

If you were to purchase something through one of those links I would get a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Social Workers give so much to others throughout the year as they support, listen, empathize, advocate, case manage, reassure, refer, teach, and document; work that requires so much emotional labor, yet often goes unacknowledged or appreciated.

So, let's make this holiday season extra special for them! I've put together a little guide filled with thoughtful and nurturing gifts that are sure to bring a smile to their faces. These gifts aren't just items; they're gestures of love and appreciation for the amazing work they do every day.

Let's dive into this heartwarming holiday gift guide crafted specifically for tender-hearted, deep-feeling Social Workers!

9 Gift Ideas for Highly Sensitive Social Workers

1. Massage Gift Card

Give the gift of distraction-free self-care and personal time. Research local spas or clinics in your area and book your Social Worker loved one in for a well deserved massage (or just pick up a gift card).

Woman laying on a bed receiving a massage

The physical and emotional demands of social work can be taxing. Massage therapy can be a great way for a Sensitive Social Worker to address chronic stress and muscle tension, and massage therapy has been proven to increase relaxation, decrease anxiety and can even help alleviate the symptoms of depression and seasonal affective disorder.

A gift card for a spa or massage clinic can provide a much-needed opportunity for relaxation and rejuvenation.

2. Soft & Fuzzy Comfort Items

Having self-soothing and comfort items on hand at work and at home can be immensely grounding for the Highly Sensitive nervous system. For me this means the fuzziest, coziest pillows and blankets, such as this Cozy Bliss Faux Fur Throw Blanket.

mug coffee surrounded by a cozy and soft looking blanket

Other folks might prefer a heated or weighted blanket. Weighted blankets can offer a sense of security and comfort, mimicking the feeling of being hugged. This can be incredibly soothing after a long day of emotionally taxing work. The gentle pressure can help reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality, which is crucial for someone in a demanding, empathetic profession.

3. Coffee Mug Warmer

In an average day, most Social Workers are balancing many different tasks and demands. Often, the day starts out with a scheduled plan, which gets derailed as we have to re-prioritize based on the needs of the day. Most Social Workers are familiar with the forgotten, cold cup of coffee or tea on their desk that was abandoned as they answered a call or were pulled into a meeting.

coffee mug sitting on a coffee mug holder on an office desk

Being able to pause for a moment and take a nice warm sip of your favourite beverage in the middle of your day can do wonders for the nervous system and your state of mind! This is the coffee mug warmer I got for those on my holiday gift list!

4. Agenda or Planner

Being able to write out and organize your day can be the difference between ending up completely frazzled and overwhelmed, or remaining grounded as you move through your day.

Luckily, there are a few planners that have been created specifically for Social Workers, BY Social Workers. My favourite for every day use is the School Social Worker Planner created by Jocelyn Sailor of School Social Work Solutions (no, you don't need to work in schools to love this planner!)

the school social work solutions planner sitting on a desk

The great thing about her planner is that she has both a hardcopy and a digital version that you can access from a tablet, laptop or smartphone! If you're in the USA and want to order a physical planner, be sure to place your order by December 15th 2023 to have it by December 25th. The Bold Black Social Worker's Clinical Supervision Planner is perfect for recording and planning supervision sessions.

5. Notebook & Nice Pens

Social Workers take a lot of notes! Improving the note-taking and organization experience can provide a sense of ease and decrease the stress they experience in a day.

Highly Sensitive folks often have a heightened sensory awareness and appreciation for fine details and textures. Quality pens offer a smoother writing experience and can reduce the discomfort of scratchy writing, which can be particularly bothersome for someone with heightened sensory processing. Similarly, high-quality notebooks with premium paper can provide a tactile pleasure and visual appeal that are deeply satisfying.

a journal and a pen sitting on a desk beside a coffee mug and cozy blanket

Check out these stunning Indigenous Collection notebooks. The Indigenous Collection works closely with Indigenous artists to showcase their art on a number of different products, with royalties on all sales going to the artist.

I personally love these Midliner Highlighters. They pair perfectly with either of the planners I mentioned above!

6. Diffuser & Essential Oils

Aromatherapy can be a powerful tool for managing stress and enhancing mood. An essential oil diffuser, along with a set of calming oils like lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood, can create a relaxing atmosphere at home or in the office.

a diffuser releasing essential oils into the air of an office

I've added this diffuser to my wish list this year! I love to have the option of diffusing calming scents into my therapy office or in my bedroom as I'm falling asleep. Don't forget to pair it with some soothing essential oils.

7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones or Earplugs

Social Workers often work in busy, noisy environments. A pair of high-quality noise-cancelling earplugs or headphones can provide a much-needed oasis of calm, allowing you to focus or just take a break from the sensory overload.

a woman working on her laptop with headphones on

Having a comfortable pair of ear plugs can be helpful for reducing the amount of stimulation Social Workers are exposed to in a day. These Low-Level Noise Reduction Loop Earplugs block out excess sounds while still allowing you to have a conversation with your colleagues and hear your own voice.

For those of you who want something as subtle as an earplug but with the option of listening to music, my HSP bestie who works in a noisy hospital setting highly recommends the Apple's AirPods Pro. They have both transparency (let's sound through) and noise cancelling options so you can adjust them to your needs throughout your workday.

8. Love Notes for Social Workers Card Deck

Have you ever noticed that many Social Workers are so focused on supporting everyone else, that they forget about themselves? Social Workers are just as deserving of rest, care, compassion, and support as anyone else! They just sometimes need a little reminder to take the time for themselves.

That's exactly why I created the Love Notes for Social Workers Card Deck! To give Social Workers pocket-sized doses of love, gratitude, and compassion and they move through their busy days.

the Love Notes for Social Workers Card deck being pulled from a Christmas stocking and laid out on a wooden surface

Order yours by December 11th 2023 to save on shipping costs and ensure it's wrapped and under the tree by December 25th 2023.

"These cards say all the things we wish someone would say to us after one of those exhausting, soul-crushing, social working days" - Sarah Scott Dooling

9. Subscription to a Meditation or Wellness App

Social workers often face high-stress situations and emotional challenges. Meditation and wellness apps offer guided meditations, stress relief exercises, and mindfulness practices specifically designed to help manage stress, reduce anxiety, and promote mental resilience.

They can be accessed anytime and anywhere, fitting seamlessly into a busy Social Work schedule. Whether it's a quick five-minute breathing exercise between client meetings or a longer meditation session at the end of the day, these apps provide wellness practices that can be tailored to fit any time constraints.

a woman sitting cross legged meditating beside a candle

My go to meditation app for emotional wellness and burnout prevention is Aura. I love that it has meditations, talks, and other supports for different times of day, and different work scenarios.

Use my affiliate link to get a 7-day free trial and a 40% discount for the subscription on the Aura app.

And there you have it!

A hand-picked selection of gifts perfect for the highly sensitive social worker in your life. Each item on this list is more than just a present; it's a way of saying, "I see you, I appreciate you, and I care about your well-being."

The holidays are a time for giving, and what better way to celebrate than by supporting and nurturing those who spend their lives caring for others? I hope this guide helps you find the perfect gift that resonates with their heart and soul. Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous, peaceful, and love-filled holiday season! 🎄💖


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