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Create a Social Work Practice that Honours Your Sensitivity

Virtual ​Resources & Courses
for Highly Sensitive Social Workers 

Have you ever wondered if you're "too sensitive" for Social Work?

You may have been told that you care too much,

or feel too deeply, to make it as a Social Worker.

Perhaps you've been told to "toughen up"

or develop a "thicker skin". 

If that sounds like you, you're in the right place!

Being a deep-feeler in a fast-paced field that focuses

on alleviating the suffering of the most marginalized in our society

can be overwhelming and exhausting.

AND the field of Social Work needs deep-feeling,

empathetic, and intuitive people, like you!

I help sensitive, deep-feeling Social Workers honour their emotional & energetic limits so that they can show up fully for their clients without abandoning themselves.


After a long day of social working,
do you find it hard to leave work at work?

Maybe you find that you spend your downtime ruminating

about the day or worrying about your work to-do list?


Perhaps you feel too drained at the end of the day

to even think about your own needs?

My free guided meditation for transitioning from

work to home life might be just what you need! 

Services for Sensitive Social Workers

Virtual Consultations, Courses & Workshops for Highly Sensitive Social Workers



Self-directed, online programs to support your well-being and prevent burnout as a Highly Sensitive

Social Worker.


1:1 Coaching

Personalized support to help you navigate the field of Social Work as a Highly Sensitive Social Worker and reach your career goals.


Live Workshops

Hire Amy to present to your team of helpers & healers about burnout prevention and boundary-setting skills, to set them up for career success.


Shop Paper Products

Prints and Card Decks that offer support, encouragement, and comfort the to Social Worker who gives so much to others, they sometimes forget to care for themselves. 

Dear Social Worker,


You lovingly accept the messiness of your clients' lives, knowing that is what it truly means to be human. 

Be sure to offer yourself the same grace. 

Amy Pinnell, MSW, RSW

The Sensitive Social Worker


Hi! I'm Amy 

As a Highly Sensitive Person, and a Social Worker, I have had to find creative ways to maintain balance and sustainability in my career and personal life. Now I have the privilege to help other Social Workers do the same!

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